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Over 10 years, DAYIM Equipment has grown to be one of the largest equipment rental suppliers in KSA and a potential market leader in Qatar & Kuwait. We are the first full-service specialist truck rental company in Saudi Arabia.

We offer comprehensive event management services for corporate events, conferences, social gatherings, sports events, inaugurations, booth fabrications, government initiatives, and music festivals. Our expertise covers all aspects of event planning and execution to ensure seamless and successful outcomes customized to your specific needs.

AV trucks are mobile trucks that have all the equipment needed for sound and video production. They offer versatility for different events, providing on-the-go audio-visual capabilities. 

AV trucks are versatile and suitable for a variety of events, including music concerts, cultural festivals, gaming marketing campaigns, municipal events, promotions, brand activations, professional sports team events, stadium and amphitheater events, museums, and open theaters. They offer adaptable audio-visual support for diverse settings and occasions.

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