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Our Services

Mobile Stages

Transform any space into an event venue with our versatile mobile stages. Easy setup and customization for concerts, festivals, or corporate gatherings. Flexible and impactful.

Event Planning Consultation

Partner with us for expert event planning consultation. Our seasoned professionals offer customized insights, guiding you through every stage of event creation.

Event Infrastructure

Create flawless events with our comprehensive infrastructure solutions. From structures to seating and technical setups, we ensure high standards for stunning, functional spaces.

Exhibition & Conferences

Boost your brand's influence at exhibitions and conferences with our strategic design and setup. We promise a compelling presence that captivates your audience.

Event Branding & Design

Let us craft a compelling brand identity for your event. Our creative designs and branding strategies will leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Booth Build-ups

Our expertise in booth construction ensures a seamless setup that showcases your products and services. We focus on functionality and brand representation.

Dayim: Your Trusted Partner for Premium AV Rentals and Specialized Event Solutions

Dayim Entertainment specializes in comprehensive event solutions, creating memorable experiences from start to finish.

Stage Production

Create captivating stage experiences with our expert production services. From design to execution, we handle every aspect, ensuring your stage reflects your event's vision.

Event Logistics Transportation

Trust us for event logistics transportation. Our experienced team ensures the handling, planning, coordination, and safe, timely delivery of materials for your event's success.

Artist Talent Management​

Reach new heights with our comprehensive artist talent management. We scout, train, and showcase exceptional talent customized to your event's specific needs.

Security Solutions

Ensure event safety with our comprehensive security solutions. Our professionals specialize in crowd management and emergency response for a worry-free event.

General Equipments

Access high-quality event equipment for all needs. Our inventory includes audiovisual, seating, lighting, and more, maintained for top performance and memorable events.

General Lightning Power

Illuminate your events with our reliable power solutions. Customized for diverse lighting needs, our services ensure your event shines, creating the perfect ambiance for your guests.

Event Sponsorships

Enhance your event's impact with strategic sponsorships. Our team secures valuable partnerships aligned with your brand, elevating the visibility and success of your event.

Ticketing Solutions

Simplify event ticketing with our user-friendly platform. Streamline sales, distribution, and management for a seamless experience customized to your event's needs.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your event's reach with our customized social media marketing. We create engaging content and targeted campaigns, ensuring your event gets attention across all platforms.

Experience Top-Notch Event Technology and Services with Dayim Entertainment.

From music concerts and corporate gatherings to cultural festivals and more, our AV Truck is the perfect choice for enhancing any event with impressive visuals and sound.


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